Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Clingwrap Mani

Bright nails and glitter, I just love this combination. What do I do when I can't decide between 2 shades I want to use, well use them both, of course :)

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth "Liberated Lilac", Australis "#bethatgirl" Chi Chi "Serial Dater" and NYX "Dreamy Glitter"

Using "Liberated Lilac" for my base colour, while still wet, I then dotted "#bethatgirl" and "Serial Dater" with the nail brush, alternating the purple and orange polishes on each nail. I then pressed my nails with a piece of cling wrap to spread the dots into the base colour. I finished the mani with a coat of "Dreamy Glitter".

Although this mani was subtle on the shimmer, it was perfect to showcase the colours. I just wanted a sprinkle so as not to take anything away from these 2 bright polishes. 

I think it turned out to be a fun mani, with little to no skill needed to create, and well, who doesn't have plastic wrap handy in the home?

Would you try a cling wrap mani?


  1. How very cool! I have never heard of doing a mani this way! I am going to try it! :) They look lovely too, I love the shades you choose to use, they really compliment each other well. xx

    1. Thank you, Candy! It is so easy and effective. I'd love to see what you create xx