Tuesday, 8 September 2015


It had been some time since I'd pulled out my dotting tools. For such a simple implement, the possibilities are endless in terms of designs that can be created.

Revlon "Carbonite", Sinful Colors "Endless Blue" and Australis "#bethatgirl".

Using the gorgeous pewter shade of "Carbonite" as my base coat, I dotted on "Endless Blue" and"#bethatgirl". I didn't really have a design in mind, I just had a play, and well this is what I came up with.

 I love the contrast of the blue and purple. I went with a larger dotting tool with the blue polish. A little flower to finish it off, because, why not! A nice way to welcome in Spring, I think :)


  1. What a beautiful mani :) I wish I have steady hands to do this!

    1. Thanks Lily. I am not very good with my left hand, so won't take photos of my right, lol