Saturday, 19 September 2015

Valentino "Very Valentino"

Description- "Top notes bring a breeze of bergamot, mandarin, black currant, magnolia, lily of the valley, orange, tarragon and citruses. Settled at the heart of the perfume are jasmine, rosemary, wooden accords, rose and violet, while the base brings dark and milky caress of sandalwood and velvety vanilla, musk and amber."

Very Valentino greets the wearer with light florals and a hint of fruit. I also get the herbal notes, but they are subtle, not too green.

The deep notes emerge, not to overpower the initial notes, but gives the fragrance a powdery musk quality.

This perfume is soft and pretty. She is mature, yet so soft-spoken that this would make for a great work perfume, or for perfume wearers who prefer a fragrance for only them to enjoy.

This one doesn't seem to last long on me. I will try transferring the sample vial of perfume into an atomizer to see if spraying on my clothes makes a difference in longevity.

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