Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Nail Art Wednesday

I'm not that creative when it comes to clever titles, that's why I am giving the nail art that I do a really lame name. "Nail Art Wednesday" is so much easier than taking more time to come up with a title than what it does to actually write the blog post, lol. Not that you'd think it with my past efforts!

On Instagram, I get so many great ideas for my nails with the many talented people I follow. More often than not, my attempts turn out nothing like them. Thankfully, it's still decent enough to post. And if not, you'll never know anyway, lol.

Models Inc "Fluro Pink" and Models Prefer "Trendy"

When it comes to nail polish I love so many shades, especially brights. I thought that "Fluro Pink" and "Trendy" would make for a wonderful combination for what I had in mind.

I wanted the pink to be my base colour. Before my second coat had a chance to dry, I dotted about 4 drops of orange on each nail, working with one at a time. I used a long thin brush to swirl the orange through the pink.

I like how the orange gives the pink some golden accents. I can imagine that a stark contrasting shade would look pretty good, too.

Enjoy your day! :)


  1. Pretty! Looks kind of Chinese good luck-y to me.

    1. Well, I hope the luck rubs off on me, lol!

  2. So vibrant! You clever lady! Xo

    1. It ain't for the faint of heart, lol! xx