Sunday, 27 September 2015

RawSkinCeuticals RegenC Eye Cream

My skin care routine always includes an eye cream. I often get dehydrated around my area, my lines are deepening and I have always had terrible dark circles. 

Taken from RawSkinCeuticals- "Concentrated blend of omega fatty acids rich in vitamin C including rosehip seed, hemp seed, tamanu, and Evening Primrose replenish, restore, rehydrate and bring life back around the eye. The goal of the eye cream is to deposit fatty acids directly into the skin to encourage healing and collagen production. Provides a deep intense rehydration to brighten and even skin around the eye."

15 ml jar

Thick, creamy consistency.

This eye cream is jam packed full of great ingredients to treat the delicate eye area. That's what I love about RawSkinCeuticals, natural and hand picked ingredients.

When I lightly dipped my finger into this cream, I was taken aback by the strange feel. It has kind of a spongey feel. My finger picks up product, but just a light layer. 

A light layer is all I need, though. I gently massage into my eye area. With the thick consistency, this dehydrated area soaks it up fairly quickly, so it is fine to use in the morning as well as night.

I really like how hydrating this cream is. 

There has been no dramatic changes as yet, but I have noticed that my under eyes don't seem to look as drawn and sunken. There seems to be a noticeable rejuvenation around my eyes.

What eye cream are you currently loving?

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