Friday, 11 September 2015

JLo- "Glo After Dark"

The JLo perfume bottle caught my attention. Sleek and stylish...and difficult to take a photo of, lol.

Description- "The scent opens with vibrant fruity notes and ozone, lychee, melon, passionfruit, mandarine and white cherry. At its heart, seductive florals, including, creamy jasmine, rose, pink peony and orange flower. The fragrance ends with patchouli, musk and moss."

This perfume is so sweet and juicy with tropical goodness. However, the perfume doesn't stop there. It has heady florals that are intoxicating and slightly spicy.

I haven't tried the original glow, but I assume that this is a darker version. It is rich, and throughout wear develops a creamy quality.

I find Glow After Dark to be sensual and sexy. Perfect for a Summer's night out. But, I'm happy to wear it anytime, anywhere!


  1. The problems with celebrity scents for me is that I don't feel right buying or wearing it if I'm not a fan of said celeb! Am I the only one who has this issue??

    1. Not at all, Beth, I'm definitely in the minority. I don't know why I'm obsessed with celeb scents, fan or not, lol