Saturday, 25 July 2015

RawSkinCeuticals RegenC C-Serum

Vitamin C is such an important ingredient when trying to combat signs of ageing, I like to incorporate this powerful antioxidant in my skincare routine. Not all Vitamin C products are created equal. This vitamin is such an unstable ingredient that it can be difficult finding an effective product.

RawSkinCeuticals is a brand that I have recently discovered. An online store that sells vegan products. I already love the sunscreen, and have been using some products from the RegenC range.

Taken from the website- "100% pure vitamin C rich oil based serum. Multi-use serum combines our proprietary blend of herb infused oils including Rosehip and Tamanu to combat and heal scars, age spots, encourage healing while promoting healthy cell and collagen growth. Provides a deep intense re-hydration to brighten and even skin tone."

 A small bottle holds 15ml of product.

 A dropper is used to dispense product.

The serum is similar to Rosehip oil in consistency.

I allow 3 drops for my neck and about 3 for my face. A little goes a long way. A dropper is perfect to control the amount of product dispensed, as a drop either side of the perfect amount can be too little or too much.

The serum applies smoothly onto the skin, as you'd expect from an oil base. Unlike most oils, the quick absorption into the skin is what makes this product a serum. I much prefer my serums to disappear into the skin, that way I don't have to wait too long before applying a moisturiser.

Ok, so the problem I have when introducing more than 1 new product is where my skin changes are coming from. However, I do believe that this serum is contributing to my brighter looking skin. I obviously have a lot that I would love for my skin to improve on, but my skin is in the best condition that I have seen for some time. The new additions to my skin care routine are from the RegenC range, so what I can attest to is that they are high quality effective products.

RegenC C-Serum is a product that I enjoy using. It's targeted for the concerns that I have, so am looking forward to even more improvements!

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