Thursday, 2 July 2015

"Ricci, Ricci" by Nina Ricci

I can't remember where I had read about "Ricci Ricci", but the way it was described, I knew I just had to try it for myself. So, it was one of the first samples that went into My Perfume Samples order.

Description- "It is composed of rhubarb, bergamot, moonflower, Indian tuberose, centifolia rose, , patchouli and sandalwood."

When I first applied this perfume, I was like "um, this is it?" A sour, almost beer like, for want of a better description, scent. Before I had a chance to hate it, the real perfume emerged.

Fruity, rich, sweet, floral. 

No, it's not basic, it's not generic. This fragrance is also spicy, sexy and grown up. It oozes confidence and sensuality. 

Yes, I see the appeal. I adore this perfume!

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