Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme Black Mascara

I love indulging in so many makeup products, but for me mascara is a staple, a necessity. Something I don't ever want to be without! What I do try and stick to now is only having one mascara opened at a time. Mascara goes bad fairly quick compared to most other products, I really don't want any drying out because I have no order of use.

I've had Rimmel Scandaleyes Extreme Black mascara in my stash for a while. I bought it back when the Scandaleyes range was new. Of course, I could have waited, but no I HAD to have it, even though it wouldn't be opened until months later!

Taken from Rimmel London Australia- "For lashes so big, it's almost criminal! High impact colour thanks to extreme black pigments, MaxDensity brush: Our biggest brush ever. Captures and plumps every lash, Supersize formula with collagen and keratin."

I love the tapered tube. The orange is striking, especially with that black background behind the lettering.

 The brush is quite large.

Of course, I had to get the Extreme Black version. I love me some blackest black mascara. I do find the pigment to be indeed a true black.

What I am not a fan of is the brush. I just find the circumference too big, especially for those inner lashes. 

This product does provide volume and length, the 2 things I want from a mascara. Unfortunately what comes with that, in this case is clumpy lashes. I do wonder that over time, when the mascara has dried out a little, the formula might be easier to work with. Because I've only just opened it, it is very wet. Instead of just scraping off product as I pull the wand out of the bottle, I've actually had to also  dab the brush onto a face wipe to remove the excess.

You know what, though? I don't hate this mascara, or even dislike it. I'm happy to continue using, now that I've found a technique that helps avoid a lot of the clumping. Needing to brush through my lashes more than I normally would, does take a little time, but the results are worth it. I'll let the photo do the talking :)

 What a difference this mascara makes to my lashes!

What's your current fave mascara?


  1. Your eyes look perdy, with and without it! My fave is an all natural indie brand, Crush Cosmetics- they sell on ETSY. Its one of the few mascaras I can use without getting dermatitis! No drugstore mascaras for me unfortunately...

    1. Christina, you are too kind! I have some eye shadows from Crush Cosmetics, but am yet to try the mascara. Thankfully you've found a mascara that works for you. I just can't imagine a mascara-less world, lol xx