Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Stocktake 2015- Brow Products, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Cream and Single Eye Shadows

A few makeup categories to show you that aren't too out of control.

Brow products- 7

Well, it seems that I have acquired some more items for the brows, but it's still manageable. To be honest, these kinds of products don't really excite me, more of a necessity than an obsession to try as many as I can geet my hands on. You can check out my last photo of my brow products here.

Mascaras- 11

My last mascara stocktake pic shows that I did have 8 mascaras, so the amount has increased. I have bought 1, I can justify that because it was part of a makeup bundle I had purchased on eBay. The other 2 I won. My aim is to continue using my mascaras until I have one in use, and a back up. We'll see...

Pencil Eye Liners- 27

Since Feb of this year, I have bought 4 eye liners, I really didn't need more and I'm not sure why I even bought more, story of my life! You'll find my last stocktake photo of my eye liners here.

Liquid and gel eye liners- 15

I rarely use liquid eye liners, so I haven't added to the 3 I own. I have been using gels a lot more than I used to and have bought 3 since Feb. Mind you, I had no idea how long it takes to finish one. I'm still trying to finish a gel liner that I've been using for months. I am determined to get through it. 

Cream shadow products- 52

From memory, I haven't added to my cream shadow products since Feb. Looking at what I have, no need for any more for some time, either!

L'Oreal Infallibles- 27

I have not added to my collection of these eye shadows for a many months. I really need to start blogging some looks of these so they can get some use.

Single eye shadows- 14

I prefer palettes to single eye shadows, hence why I only own 14.

Do you have any makeup products that you don't have too many of?


  1. We own a lot of similar prods, eyeshadow wise, lobe the tattoos, just reorganised them so I can remember to use them! 😊

  2. I was so addicted to buying Color Tattoos, but I still have some unopened. I've got to start using them xx

  3. Wow, you must really like those L'Oreal eye shadows! That's still a pretty admirable mascara collection.

    1. I think the L'Oreal Infallible eye shadows are awesome, clearly, LOL xx