Saturday, 14 March 2015

Ciate "Fly With Me"

Yes, I'll admit it, I bought Ciate nail polishes mostly because the bottles are so pretty. The shade I am showing you today is actually a colour that I did not have in my collection, so that makes up for it, right?

 "Fly With Me" is such a pretty teal. What is not showing up in the photo is the subtle pink shimmer shift.

What was the last beauty item that you bought because it looked good?


  1. Pink shimmer shift? I love nail colours which are multi-coloured or with special effects. It looks pretty even without capturing the pink shimmer shift. I recently bought an imperial leather body wash in rockpool. I've seen the dark blue body wash around & I had to grab it. It's functional & it was on sale, so it's not an extravagance.

    1. In certain angles, a little of the pink shimmer can be seen. Do you think I could capture it? Oh, I tried, but no luck, lol!
      I was actually looking at Imperial Leather body washes during my last shop. I ended up going for a cheaper brand, but will try these next time I catch them on sale.