Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Empties

So, how is it nearly Easter????????? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Easter, but it seriously only seems like we just got over Christmas!

I have a few empties and 2 products that are not finished, but I am saying goodbye to anyway.

Ciencia8 Arestaline8- Loved it, sad to see it go. It was hydrating, firming and felt so beautiful on the skin.
Repurchase? I can't justify spending so much on a product that needs replacing monthly.

Wotnot Face Wipes- I bought these from the Catch of the Day bargain website. I thought they were nice to use. Helped to rid makeup, without being rough on my skin. For those into facial wipes, I'm sure you'd love them. Me, I just want something to clean my face without staining my face washer, I'm not really particular on the brand.
Repurchase? When on sale, most likely. Can't say I'd go out of my way to buy these in particular.

Skinn by Dimitri BioCell Hydrofusion Masque- This was quite a thick gel mask, but was easy to use. It felt like I was really pampering my skin when I applied this product. It was cooling, fresh and hydrating. Nothing harsh or stripping, just gentle care. When I wrote the review, I was using the mask 3 times a week, but because I was going through the product too quickly, I cut back to once a week. Seriously, that's all I needed. My skincare routine is a good one, I think, so my skin still reaped the benefits.
Repurchase? A great mask, but I don't feel I need it in my life. When Dimitri comes back to TVSN, and it's in a great priced pack, I probably would. I won't buy it on its own just because I have run out.

Silk Naturals Eye Lash Serum- This little pump pack contains a serum dedicated to lashes and brows, to encourage growth. Only a little amount is needed for these areas both morning and night.
Repurchase? I don't think so. I'm using castor oil at the moment, and if I see results I am going to stick with that. It's going to last forever, and works out a lot cheaper. The lash serum works over a long period of time, but I didn't see much growth along my patchy eye brows.

Ciencia8 Lipcorrect8- A serum specifically formulated to reduce lines around the mouth. When I first started using the serum, I did notice a numbing sensation as it slightly plumped my lip area, there was also some reddening. I actually liked it, I knew it was doing something. Over time, I got used to the product, and there was no reaction at all. I did notice a slight reduction in the barcode lines around my mouth.
Repurchase? At this stage I am trying another product. If it doesn't work for me, I would repurchase this product again.

Hair Ritual Conditioner- I bought this from TVSN in a pack with shampoo and leave-in conditioning spray. I couldn't resist the unique formula that contained peptides. Anti-ageing hair products was not something I had come across before, but I was sure going to give it a try. Not surprisingly, these were salon priced products. Hair products last me a long time, because I only wash my hair once a week. Great conditioner, helped to maintain my blonde hair. Even the hairdresser has commented how good my hair is considering how often I have it chemically treated.
Repurchase? No. Not because I don't want to, but it is no longer available. Hence no previously written review. Such a shame, because I would have kept buying. 

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser- I recently finished the Cocoa Glow. It's easy to use. I spray on after a shower. A quick massage in and I'm good to go. Dry, yet hydrated skin. Quick, easy, so for me, lol!
Repurchase? I have replaced this one with the extra intensive fragrance free version, but I love the chocolatey scent of Cocoa Glow, so I think I'll be buying this one again.

Silk Naturals Date Bait- This Silk Naturals product is a finishing powder. It gives a soft focus finish to makeup, blurring imperfections for a closer to flawless look. It also acts to set liquid or cream foundations. I bought the original, which has a pink undertone, but once blended, it didn't look odd on my olive skin.
Repurchase? I would definitely try the bronze version.

Now for the unfinished products.

Avon Perfect Finish Lip Liner in "Brown"- Not long ago I was looking for a brown lip liner, found this one. When I went to use the retractable pencil, it was crumbly. Not a bad product in its day, but it is now 15 years old. Time to go!

Bourjois Rouge Pop Chic lip gloss in "Prune"- I love Bourjois lip glosses, but when I applied this particular shade, I found it was a little patchy to apply. Normally I would keep it, not wanting to discard a lip product, but I've decided that any makeup product that doesn't work for me has to go! 

Well, that's another Empties post done. Now please excuse me while I get the satisfaction of throwing everything in the bin! :)


  1. I'm developing the same "if it doesn't work for me it has to go" attitude towards makeup and also my wardrobe! I'm gradually decluttering (a little bit) and simplifying my life! My wardrobe is admittedly easier to declutter than my makeup!

    1. I really need to start on my wardrobe, too, I have so many things that I don't ever wear. I agree makeup is hard to declutter, but I've got to stop being so much of a hoarder, lol

  2. I love the name Date Bait! LOL! When it comes to makeup, isn't it all date bait?

    1. I guess we think makeup is date bait, but I doubt guys really notice all the work we put into a full face of makeup, lol

  3. The vaseline spray moisturiser looks really good, I'll be trying it once I get through my current stash :)

    1. I hope you love it as much as I do, hun xx

  4. The Vaseline Spray mointuriser is fantastic and so easy to use.
    2 pieces of TVSN news.
    that SKinn mask is on sale on it's own.
    More excitingly, Ritual haircare is back but in different packaging.
    I want the Richard Ward Tangle Angel Extreme brush for my niece with Shirley Temple Curls and the round brushes for me.

    1. Ooh, thanks for passing on the great TVSN news! Love the Hair Ritual range, although, I'd like to try Hair Fix. There's so many brands I want to try from TVSN!! xx