Friday, 13 March 2015

Possets "Silver Carnations"

I have many Possets perfumes that I love. There's quite a few that I still want to try, but really need you get through the samples that I already own.

Today I have Silver Carnations for review. 

 Description -"...stays true from the first moment until the last. The "silver" part that you love combined with the spice and carnation that you wanted". 

Although, there is the cool element of silver, being a carnation blend brings the creamy, spicy, almost cinnamon note. Part warmth, with a cool edge, they should be at odds, but It's quite the opposite. 

The blend is so smooth, with the slightest of food edge. It reminds me a little of chai tea. Except this fragrance emanates such a feminine touch.

Such a delight to wear thanks to its uniqueness. 

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