Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask

I really like the idea of sheet masks, but for some reason, I just rarely get around to using them. Well, I decided to leave them near my bed, so that I can apply while I relax and read a book, or watch tv, or whatever. That was months ago.

I finally grabbed a sheet mask, after I come across it when I was actually reaching for something else. Not a full face one, but Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask.

Taken from the Mirenesse website "Expiry date for wrinkles (I love that!). A rejuvenating transdermal hydrogel eye sheet mask. Intensively treats signs of ageing. Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, discolouration and fine lines. Recommended for all skin types."

 The eye masks come in a foil packet, I just love the classy Mirenesse packaging.

 A single use eye mask duo, contoured to fit nicely under the eye area.

 I couldn't not do a sheet mask selfie! :)

Although the sheets contain beautiful ingredients for this delicate area, they are also tacky, so that they stick to your face. Peel off the backing tape, place in the desired position, and these beauties stay put.

It is recommended to leave the sheets on for up to 30 minutes. I think I left mine on for around an hour. At first the masks did feel odd, but I soon got used to them. I liked that I could continue on with what I was doing, without having to adjust, or worry that they were going to fall off.

Obviously there was some tugging during removal, but I didn't feel like my saggy eye area was being stretched out of shape.

There still remained a liberal amount of serum on my face, but it didn't take too long to absorb.

My normally dehydrated eye area felt so soft and plump, and no longer looked crepy. My biggest concerns being lines and dark circles were still visible, but reduced enough that I looked fresher and actually well-rested, which I'm not, lol.

I really liked the ease of using a sheet mask. No messy application, no lengthy removal. The only con I see with sheet masks is the price for a single use skin care product. I guess on the other hand, the Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask did offer spa like results, so costs a lot less than a weekly spa visit.

Sheet masks? Yay or nay? :)

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