Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Water Decal Nail Art

A super easy way to turn a nail look into something special is by using water decals. The hardest part of application would be placement, but I much prefer the finished look to using stickers. My personal experience with stickers is that even when I use a top coat, they tend to lift from the nail, so frustrating!

I wanted a pink nude base for the white floral designs of the decals. OPI "Dancing in the Isles" seemed like the perfect choice. Once the 2 coats of nail polish had dried, with tweezers I held each design (cut out with scissors earlier) in a jar of water for 20 or so seconds, then placed on the desired area of the nail. I find gently moving the backing with my finger, slides it off, with the design left in place. I so hope this makes sense. The decals I bought from eBay do have instructions.

I finished the look with Essie "Pure Pearlfection". This gorgeous top coat gives a beautiful shimmer to any nail look.

Have you tried water decals before? If not, do you think you'll give them  go?


  1. They look like stamps in the pic. I wouldn't have known they were decals, they look better than I imagined decals looking. Can you tell the difference between decals & stamps when you're looking at your fingers in natural lighting?

  2. They sit totally flush on the nail, kind of like those fake tattoos. Definitely worth giving a go! :)

  3. They look great. Can you buy water decals in any shops like Priceline or is eBay the best place to buy them?

    1. I've only seen them online, hun. Sorry I'm no help xx