Thursday, 20 November 2014

Maybelline Color Show Crayon Khol Eyeliner

I love this time of year. Christmas, New Year, my birthday, fun festivities, great weather, they're all something to look forward to and enjoy BUT, what gets me really excited is all the sales. My low-buys are definitely put on hold. Mind you, I haven't gone too crazy...yet. 

Recently Big W had 50% off Maybelline cosmetics. I was looking at all the temptation, but surprisingly only walked away with 2 beauty items.

I had not even noticed Maybelline Color Show Crayo Khol Liners before, but when I saw a select few in a bargain bin, the blue and purple shades stood out to me. For just over $3 each, they were going to be mine!

I bought the shades Beauty Blue and Vibrant Violet. 

These pencils are creamy, and quite pigmented. They're so nice to use, just gliding across the skin, leaving a trail of smoothly applied colour.

 Although, I don't really like to use a pencil liner on my upper lashline, rather the lower lashline or waterline, but thought I would create a simple, fun look.

I wouldn't say that the formula provides a completely smudge proof look for me, but it certainly is long lasting.

Do you like using a colouored liner for a pop of colour?


  1. I've only got a few pencil liners & I'm not keen on them. I've got a MNY colour show in green, which is for lower lash line only. I like brilliantly coloured shadows with a black, brown, navy or purple gel/cream or liquid liner. It surprises me that there are more people into the pencil liners than the alternatives. Anything with a brush is easier to apply (imo) & creates a more vivid line.
    The purple & blue here look better than I would have thought. I'm going to try my green MNY on my upper lash line next.

    1. I only ever used pencil liners when I first started applying eye liner. I then switched to liquid liners. Now, I much prefer gel liners. I totally agree with you, it's much easier using a brush. Lower lashline I prefer a pencil, lol