Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October Empties

It seemed only mere days ago that I was writing up my first empties post. There's still 31 days in October, right?? 

I can't believe I finished not 1, but 2 perfumes! To be fair, they were not both only used within the month of October, we all know how long it can take to finish a bottle of perfume. Britney Spears Circus Fantasy and FCUK Summer were reviewed here and here.
Repurchase? Although they were both decent fragrances, I don't love them enough to buy them again.

Burberry "The Beat" perfume sample- I know it was just a sample, but even finishing a sample I find rewarding, it still feels like an achievement. I love perfume samples, I know you can spritz a tester perfume in a store, but I like to try a perfume a few times before making a decision. Plus, in store, I have to try more than one, and either forget which was sprayed where, or they've blended, and I can't make out the individual scents.
Repurchase? Yes, I love this perfume! My review is here.

Ciencia8 Collagen8- This double barreled chamber is packed full of anti ageing goodies for the skin. I am really enjoying using it. You can read more about it here,
Repurchase? I already have! The only drawback that I'm seeing so far is that it's expensive, very expensive! 

Mirenesse Power Lift Multi-Action Silk Cleanser- This is quite a lovely product. It is a creme cleanser, which is my preferred type of cleanser of late.
Repurchase? It's met my cleansing needs, but being one of only a couple of creme cleansers that I've used, I'd like to try some others before committing to one at this stage. In saying that, I wouldn't rule it out.

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream- I love BB Creams, and there's so many that I want to try. Many have big claims, but to be honest, all I want is a product that will even out my skin tone, I use a BB Cream to camourflage imperfections, rather than for permanent results. Now that I have finished this BB Cream, my opinion hasn't changed. 
Repurchase? Not a bad product, but I wasn't keen on the colour, or the lack of coverage I got. I was glad to be finished this product, and will not be buying again.

Models Prefer Energy Lift Primer- For years I applied foundation without a primer, even when I had heard that these products even existed, it still took some time before bothering with using one. Now it's a must-have for me. Check out my thoughts on Models Prefer Energy Lift Primer here.
Repurchase? I did enjoy using this primer. I have others to use up, and will probably try some other brands, but if I'm in need of a decent budget friendly version, I'd be more than happy to buy again.

The All Natural Face Apricot Kisses Powder- I've been using liquid foundation a lot more these days and find that a powder is a must, especially in the warmer months. I have used this finishing powder for so long now, it just never seems to end. More about this product here.
Repurchase? Yes! I actually never got to finish the jar. You can imagine how upset I was when the cracks in the jar gave way, and I lost all my powder! No crying over spilled milk? Well, I almost did over this powder! I have others to use in my makeup stash, but so far this one is my Holy Grail, yes, I said Holy Grail! :)

Dove Beauty Soap- This is a soap that I have used in the past for cleansing my body, and even my face. Now, I prefer a body wash, and facial cleanser. I actually use Dove soap to clean my makeup brushes. I got this fabulous idea from the gorgeous Nalini of The Made Up Maiden.
Repurchase? Yes! 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil- I love using Tea Tree Oil for blemishes, helps banish them pretty quickly.I am now also seeing the benefits of using this natural astringent oil on my cuticles.
Repurchase? Yes. Thursday Plantation is the first brand I think of when Tea Tree Oil is mentioned, it's such an iconic brand, and delivers a wonderful product.


  1. Wow awesome job at finishing the perfumes!! I swear Ill have grandkids before I manage to use up some of mine lol

    1. Lol, Monique..I may reapplied slightly more than I needed to ;)

  2. I'm so proud of you Indie - I NEVER do empties posts because, well, there wouldn't be much to write about lol! I so rarely get to the bottom of anything before I switch to 25 other different things, and by the time I get back to what I haven't finished, it's no longer viable, so I toss it. Loved reading your impressions (and verdicts) on all these goodies - in particular, the Apricot Kisses Powder sounds like something I should be investigating further, especially as it's a HG for you ♥

  3. Oh, it feels so good to throw a used product in the bin, especially in an overflowing stash! I'm slowly getting through some things before buying more, hopefully I can keep it up. Obviously, I do slip up, some sales are just way too much of a temptation. Oh well, I know I am in good company ;)