Thursday, 13 November 2014


I have been trying not to buy more nail polishes, but a colour will often catch my eye. Sometimes I can resist, a lot of the time I just can't.

I was enamoured by "Let's Talk" and "Endless Blue", 2 Sinful Colors polishes that I just needed.

Just look at those stunning colours, can you blame me?? ;) Mind you, "Let's Talk" is a vibrant metallic purple, not blue! Ugh.

Well, because I could not choose which pretty to apply to my nails, my other option was to use both. 

I began with a coat of "Let's Talk", I wish you could see the actual metallic purple, it's divine!

 After a second coat of "Let's Talk", whilst wet, along both sides of the nail, I applied "Endless Blue" and Ulta3 "Crystallina" for a touch of sparkle. Then I simple ran a cuticle stick across my nail to swirl the polishes.

 I found the technique effective in showcasing both polishes, and well, who doesn't love a little sparkle, too :)

At the moment, nail polishes are my obsession. What beauty product is yours?


  1. The effect is really cool! My eyes were confused, just trying to focus on them!